We service your property from start to finish of each season

Spring and Fall cleanings allow your property to flourish year-round, especially during the most extreme weather of summer and winter.

Gardens and lawns become dormant during the cold winter months and a “re-awakening” in the late winter is needed to start the growing season.

To prepare your home for the new gardening season, we offer spring cleanings which can include:

  • Initial lawn mowing, lawn de-thatching (if needed), lawn re-seeding, lawn edging, cultivating of all planting beds, removal of all property debris, and initial application of lawn or shrub chemicals
  • The elements of this seasonal cleaning will promote a vibrant and healthy garden for the warmer spring and summer season

At the end of the lawn maintenance schedule, we offer fall cleanings which can include:

  • Final lawn mowing, lawn edging, removal of remaining leaves and property debris, cultivating of all planting beds, final pruning of shrubs and perennials, and final application of lawn or shrub chemicals
  • This final seasonal cleaning will prepare your garden for hibernation during the long winter months