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Landscape Design


Eddie Ortiz Landscaping specializes in creative and elegant landscape design. Our outstanding reputation on Long Island is based on years of experience perfecting the art.

Designs for gardens include three areas of landscaping: planting of shrubs, trees, and lawns; planting of annual and perennial flowers; and installation of hardscape (rocks and rock walls). All designs will enhance your home with both year-round and seasonal color, adding amazing visual appeal.

Every landscape design begins with a personal consultation with Eddie Ortiz, to determine your needs and wants for your garden—what function the garden will serve, the desired style (formal, casual), etc. He will assess your budget in order to make the landscaping cost-effective for you. All our designs incorporate the best shrubs, trees, plants, and lawn suited for your garden's climate, whether it's sun, shade, or a mixture. A design is not complete until you, the client, are fully satisfied with the overall project. We believe that your property is just as much of an investment as is your home. Our personalized attention to detail will result in a complete transformation of your home and continue to add value to your investment!

When you’re ready to renovate your property, ask us about computer-imaging landscape design—a "before and after" visualization of your home's gardens. We can create the virtual garden of your dreams—without digging a hole! Our computer-imaging shows your home as it is now and its transformation after re-landscaping.

With our valuable experience in landscape design plus your ideas, the garden of your dreams can become a reality! Computer-imaging design begins with the same personal consultation as physical design and extends to a complete re-design of your garden. We can easily change the proposed layout to suit your desires and budget.

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