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Your Neighborhood Landscaper for Half a Century

About Us

Not all landscapers are equal and not all landscaping companies have the fine reputation for quality work and strong business ethics that we have. We are very proud of who we are and from where we came.

We are a family-owned and family-operated full-service landscaping company. We were founded more than a half-century ago by Eddie’s father, Jose Ortiz, a man known across Long Island for exceptional landscaping work and diligent attention to detail.

When Eddie turned eight years old, he began working with his father, spending the weekends and summers of his youth learning the landscaper's craft. It became apparent to Jose that Eddie had an especially creative eye for design. In 1995, Eddie took full ownership of the business. In 2000, he added computer-aided landscape design to the company's list of services.

Under Eddie Ortiz, our reputation has continued to grow: for high-quality, reliable work; for unique landscape design suited to the individual property and home; and for consistently stellar customer service. Eddie Ortiz is not just an owner, he's also personally present on every job, whether it's lawn maintenance or a special project.

What started as a small lawn-care business has evolved into a full-scale lawn and garden maintenance and landscape design corporation. Eddie Ortiz Landscaping, Inc., remains a family-owned business after more than a half-century and we consider all clients, new or existing, part of our “family.” We are fully licensed and insured and serve the southwest area of Nassau County, Long Island, New York. We are committed to the traditional values of honest and ethical work and look forward to many more years of creative gardening!

Edwin Ortiz